New Contributors and Submissions

For the past couple of weeks, things have slowed down at The Smoke-Filled Room as we have been busy planning ahead (and busy preparing for various comprehensive exams). The past two months have gone by quickly and we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and pleased with the discussion about politics and political science that we have tried to stir up.

Moving forward, we want to continue this discussion and offer what we have always offered: a unique blend of the theory and practice of politics in a way that we think graduate students in political science are well suited to offer. However, we also want to move gradually toward a bigger, more ambitious goal: we want to expand the number of political science graduate student voices heard. Now that we have placed our proverbial foot in the door of the blogosphere, we feel comfortable in moving forward more actively toward achieving this goal.

Although the Smoke-Filled Room will, to some extent, always remain tied to Yale because of the institutional affiliation of the founding contributors (and we are proud that it is), we want the blog to become an open space for PhD students in political science to provide their analysis and thoughts on politics.

To this end, we are making two changes that will, we hope, significantly impact our blog in a positive way. First, we have added several new regular contributors, increasing our total to 12 contributors from 4 different universities. Second, we want to encourage guest contribution by opening up a more transparent channel for submissions. We will have more details on how to submit a post in the “Submissions” page under our banner (coming later this week). Suffice it to say, we look forward to receiving more guest contributions.

Our top priority at The Smoke-Filled Room has always been to foster intelligent yet inclusive discourse about topics relevant to interested parties everywhere. We hope that with these changes, we are doing just that.


William G. Nomikos
Niloufer A. Siddiqui


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